Why Choose Kshetra Assisted Living Homes

Why Choose Assisted Living Like Kshetra?

It is advisable for senior citizens to move to an Assisted Living Facility when their ability to stay alone in their own homes is reduced due to ageing, memory, or medical issues; and for those who are tired of cooking, cleaning and doing laundry for themselves. An Assisted Living Facility like Kshetra is suitable for those who want their personal privacy and autonomy, but at the same time may need a little assistance.

Kshetra is perfect for those :

  • who find it challenging to perform everyday activities like bathing, dressing, getting around the house, and running errands, without some assistance
  • whose family and friends are not able to entirely meet their care needs such as 24-hour access to personal care and security/housekeeping/maintenance services, despite their best efforts;
  • whose family members are living in a different city or country and are worried about their well being and safety
  • who want to live independently and enjoy privacy but at the same time do not want to feel isolated and lonely
  • who have suffered bruises or falls in the past and are worried for their physical safety while living alone; hoping to feel more confident if there is someone round the clock to keep a watch or help them out
  • who are tired of maintaining a home ; and want a home like atmosphere without the work of cooking, cleaning, shopping for groceries, doing laundry etc.
  • whose needs are not met by a retirement community; i.e. they require more personal care services than are available in a retirement community, such as personal attendant services, medication assistance etc.
  • whose needs are not met by a typical home nursing service; i.e. home nurses will only assist with health and wellness activities and will not help with household chores like cooking, cleaning etc.
  • whose health is reasonably stable and do not need round-the-clock medical care and support such as that which is available in a medical centre or nursing home
  • whose family is traveling for a short or long duration and they are not in a position to travel nor to live alone while their family is away

At Kshetra, residents not only receive 24 hour care and support services (trained caregivers, housekeeping, dietician-prescribed meals, nurse-supervision, doctor visits and therapies like physiotherapy), but also retain their independence and dignity. We ensure family members of our residents are actively involved in the resident’s well-being and regularly updated regarding the same.